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The Native American Man in the Maze design symbolizes returning to your center, to your core, as you journey through life.  For centuries women have sat in circle and shared.  Grandmothers shared their wisdom and skills.  They had a knee for the little ones, they listened, supported and nurtured everyone.  Women supported women: they assisted with childbirth; they worked, prayed, laughed and cried together.   All of life’s transitions were shared and acknowledged with ritual and ceremony. 

Share Life's Journey provides women with a safe and sacred circle to share their journey.  Join Jean and share your journey with a private ceremony to celebrate the beginning of a new  relationship or job, the crossing over of a loved one or to sever a relationship, to bless and clear a new home, or to prepare for the birth of your child, .  

Directed by the circle of grandmothers, my heart based work focuses on supporting women and children through life’s journey. Enter this circle with a private session, a women’s circle, or a sound bath. Together we will explore and ask for healing and guidance.    By sharing your hopes and fears, your wounds and heartaches, your joys and victories, you blossom and grow through your transition.  Using sacred sound, shamanic rituals, healing touch, acupressure, healing salts, stones and gemstones, we will release old patterns and create new beginnings.

                        Release pain, longings and fear.
                        Embrace joy, love and gratitude.

                        SHARE and let your soul sing!